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Lectures and Workshops

We are pleased to offer to our members these lectures and workshops to expand your quilting experience.

The Zoom links for each presentation that is for all members will be emailed to members four days prior to the event.

If you registered for a class or workshop, confirm that you received your registration confirmation. You will receive the Zoom link four days prior to the event.

If there are handouts or pre-workshop prep, the prep work documents will be emailed out to each participant prior to each workshop with sufficient time to complete your prep work.

Zoom links will be open 30 minutes prior to start time to allow you time to join and get settled in.


Bethanne Nemesh

Lecture: Yarn Couching, Free Motion to Fine Art
January 22, 2024, 7 pm CST by Zoom
No charge for SQG members

Join Bethanne on an artistic exploration of the art of free motion yarn couching.


Learn to use a free motion yarn couching foot on any sewing machine, discover some of the important tips and tricks for success and enjoy a walk-through Bethanne’s groundbreaking use of this ancient technique.


Bethanne has opened new avenues of approaching yarn couching, capturing light, shadow, and lifelike qualities as recognized by their acquisition by the New England Quilt Museum.


Enjoy a show and tell of Bethanne’s quilts and yarn couched garments and be inspired to create your own fuzzy masterpiece. Bethanne will have time for questions after her presentation.

Bethanne Nemesh

Class: Freehand feathers: From Fast to Fancy
January 27, 2024, 1 to 4 pm CST by Zoom

Registration required, cost $40, 20 participants

Freehand feathers are a quilter’s best friend. They can be formal or fantastic, fast or fancy. Learn to grow your freehand feathers at your own pace with the addition of details and inserts.


Based on Bethanne’s popular new book of the same title, see how even beginner feathers can grow to fancy heirloom ones with a few simple changes.


Learn to match your feather to your quilt’s style, budget and use. This Class is perfect for virtual learners who want a lot of material to then practice on their own.


Bring a sketchbook and draw along. A special PDF of the feathers you will be drawing will be provided, via email, to all participants.


There will be opportunity for questions/interactions with Bethanne.

Nemesh-Feathers-Lectures and Teaching -.jpg

Beth Ann Williams

Lecture: Color Gets the Credit But, Value Does the Work
January 30, 2024, 6 pm CST, by Zoom

No charge for SQG members

How confident are you when picking fabrics for a new project? Do you ever hesitate when figuring out which fabric to use and where?


Even more than color, value (the relative lightness or darkness of each hue) can make or break a design. But once you understand how the various elements work together, you’ll be ready to define individual shapes within a pattern, establish focal areas, and play with depth and luminosity with ease.


Whether your style is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, value is a wonderful tool!

Beth Ann Williams

Workshop: The Magic of Invisible Applique
February 10, 2024, 1 to 4 pm, CST by Zoom

Registration required, Cost $40, 20 participants

Once you know the secrets, it’s easier than you’d ever believe to create the look of heirloom-quality hand applique with finished edges – all with your sewing machine! And when it comes to style and versatility, the sky is the limit!


Beth Ann will share an overview of her favorite methods for preparing finished edges and show you how she uses these techniques for traditional applique designs, modern applique designs, faux “piecing” and curved designs, landscapes and pictorial quilts, stained glass and Celtic designs, and more.


All skill levels welcome. No supply list needed. A printable handout will be emailed to class participants.

Beth Ann Magic-of-Inv-M-Ap-5.png
Diane Harris Swoopersoptimized.jpg

Diane Harris of "Stash Bandit"

Trunk Show: Extraordinary Scrap Quilts
March 18, 2024, 7 pm CST, by Zoom

No charge for SQG members

Using scrap quilts, some with a few dozen fabrics and some with many hundreds of fabrics – to demonstrate what makes a scrap quilt work. Or not work!


Viewers will see what happens in chaos quilts and in carefully planned color-specific scrap quilts. Learn the importance of value, what can tie many diverse fabrics together, how to use the most difficult and ugly fabrics and more.

Diane Harris of Stash Bandit

Workshop: StarQuar Scrap Quilts
March 23, 2024, 9 am to 3 pm CST by Zoom

Registration required, cost $60, limit 20 participants

Cut scraps into one useful patch size and make these blocks without any fuss at all. Let me show you the secrets to great scrap quilts!

Learn a fast and simple way to turn your scrap stash into a gorgeous starry sky – and so much more! Most fabrics work into StarQuar quilts beautifully, so you can use leftovers or your most favorite fabrics, or both.


Concepts include value, contrast, color, scale, difficult prints and more plus many ideas for using these units in a variety of ways. You’ll catch a vision for how diverse fabrics can work together and become something much greater than the sum of their parts. StarQuar scrap quilts could not be more fun!!!

Diane Haarris star-silhouettes-web-apq-flat-final-768x971.jpg
Diane Cochrane - 20230810_132920 (002)_edited.jpg

Diane Cochrane

Workshop: Fabric Collage Creation - 2 days
April 20 & May 4, 2024, 9:30 am to 12 pm CST, each day, 15 in person and 5 by Zoom

Registration required, cost $60 for both sessions

Register for this class if you have purchased or admired a Laura Heine pattern but don’t know where to begin. In this 2-part, laid back fun class, where no sewing machine is required, you will learn how to create a whimsical fused wall hanging in her style, using a supplied paper pattern.

Materials included with registration is a 18” x 24” paper pattern. A supply list will be provided upon registration. 

Homework – fusing of fabric will be done before the first class with instruction and support provided. Work will be done between the classes as well,  so you are ready for the second class.

Skill level is Beginner

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