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Quilt Show 2023

General Enquiries 

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Quilt Show


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See Quilt Show Requirements below for revised instructions for Quilt Bags.

Entry Form

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People entering quilts into the show must be

a member of the  Saskatoon Quilters' Guild for the

2022-23 and 2023-24 membership years.

Quilt Show Categories:

1. Hand Quilting – large – greater than 240 inches perimeter

2. Hand Quilting – small to medium – up to 240 inches perimeter

3. Large Quilts – moveable machine quilted – greater than 240 inches perimeter

4. Large Quilts – stationary machine quilted – greater than 240 inches perimeter

5. Small to Medium Quilts – moveable machine quilted – up to 240 inches perimeter

6. Small to Medium Quilts – stationary machine quilted – up to 240 inches perimeter

7. Art Quilts – not size specific. See the article entitled Definition of an Art Quilt

on page 22 of the October newsletter

8. New Generation Quilters – 16 years of age or less

9. Miscellaneous Quilted Items and Wearables

10. Guild Challenges

11. Guilders’ Goodies 

Entries are limited to Quilt Guild members only! At present the Quilt Show Committee is not limiting the number of entries per person but retains the right to reduce the number of quilts an individual may submit at a later date, if the number of entries exceeds the hanging space available.

Quilt Show Requirements

Information on Labels, Bags and Quilt Sleeves required for the Show

can be found here (revised August 7, 2023).

Guild Boutique

The Guild Boutique is a shopping venue within the quilt show that is stocked with new hand-crafted items made by SQG members. Items range from pin cushions, quilted garments, aprons, pot holders, placemats, pillowcases, and greeting cards to quilts. If you can create it, we have a place for it in the boutique! The only limitation is that the item should be fibre-related. For more information email

Guild Boutique Instructions

Guild Boutique Labels

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