Scholarship Application Form:

2019-2020 Scholarship Application pdf

The scholarship is intended to encourage SQG members to increase their knowledge and skills in quilting and to share their learning with fellow SQG members.

Award Amount:


Application Deadline:

Nov. 06, 2017

Scholarship Announcement:

Nov. 27, 2017

Member Eligibility:

To be eligible for the scholarship the recipient is required to:

Be a member in good standing of the Saskatoon Quilters Guild

Be actively involved in the Guild

Have a minimum of 3 years Guild membership

Complete the entire application form

Make a presentation at the Afternoon and the Evening Guild meetings about the learning experience resulting from the award within one year of receiving the scholarship.

A member may apply for the scholarship more than once if not selected, however, the scholarship will only be awarded to a given member one time.

To apply:

Please complete application form and either

Mail it to:

President, Saskatoon Quilters Guild

P.O. Box 8801

Saskatoon, SK  S7K 6S6

Email it to:

Eligible Events:

The award may be used for the applicant’s choice of an educational event that is not sponsored by SQG, i.e., Quilt Canada; other national, or international educational workshops; or, workshops offered by other Guilds.

Scholarship is to be used by August 31 of the membership year (Aug. 31, 2018 for Nov. 06, 2017 application)

Previous Scholarship Recipients

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Dorothy Middleton (2016-2017)

Carol Ewles (2015-2016)

Joyce Hansen (2014-2015)

Dorothy Thomson  (2013-2014)

Charlene Omelan  (2012-2013)

Monika Kinner-Whelan  (2011-2012)

Alice Wilson  (2010-2011)

Sharron Schoenfeld  (2009-2010)

Linda Wright  (2008-2009)

Jan Smithson  (2007-2008)