The Guild Library consists of approxi7mately 500 items that have been either purchased or donated.  We would like to thank the families of Corrine Appleton and Mary Gilliland for their generous donations.


Using the Library

  • Every member is entitled to borrow five items.
  • Borrowed items are due back at the following meeting.
  • Lost Items:  If an item is lost from the library, the borrower is responsible to either pay for or replace it.  If a lost library item is not considered worthy of replacement, the library committee may approve a replacement article of comparable value.


List of Books in the Library

Here are the books that are in the library.  These lists will assist you in locating a book that you are searching for.  The library listings are also available at the library table.  We would like to give big thank you to Ann Atchison for compiling the book inventory.

pdlf Library Book List by Author – 2019

pdf Library Book List by Category – 2019

pdf Library Book List by Title – 2019

excel file – Library Book List – 2019

Books in these lists that have been highlighted in red are missing from the library.  If you have one of these books, please return it so that other members can use it.

If there is a book you think would be a great addition to the library, please let Evelyn Gilbert, Pat Homenick, or another member of the Library committee, know.


Are You Downsizing Your Library or Making Room for New Books?

Please remember the guild library if you are downsizing your book stash. We gladly take donations but will also purchase current used books at half price if they are in good condition and are not in the library holdings. Please talk to Evelyn Gilbert or Pat Homenick about this.


Categories Used in the Library

The Library is sorted into a number of categories that are colour coded.  A list of the colour codes can be found on each of the Library tables.  Books are sorted into the following categories:


Art Quilts


Country/Folk Art

Crazy Patch

Design and Color








Year-End Inventory and Borrowing Over the Summer

An inventory of Library materials will be done between the last meeting in May and the June Potluck.  For this reason, the Library Committee will ask you to return all of your borrowed materials by the last meeting in May.  Your books may be returned to either the afternoon or evening meeting.  If for some reason you are unable to do this, please make alternate arrangements with the Chair of the Committee.

After the committee has inventoried the library, you may check out materials at the June banquet so that you can read them over the summer.  Please return all materials at the first meeting in the fall.