The newsletter, Prairie Points, is now available to Saskatoon Quilters’ Guild members.

Afternoon Meeting:

The Afternoon Program will feature local fabric artist Monika Kinner, who will talk about her journey over the past 10 years. Check out her web page here:

In her words, she is a “juried fibre/embroidery artist living in the heart of the Canadian prairies. All my work is original and inspired by the world around me. I use my own photos as the basis for my work. I am smitten by the land and sky around me and I hope my love for my homeland shows in my work.”

Evening Meeting:

Crepe Paper Flowers presentation by Brenda Downing.

Come and be amazed by the look of these beautiful life-like botanical forms. Brenda will demonstrate for us how to create some of these very unique petals and leaves to form a beautiful bloom to be used in an arrangement of paper flowers. Hear some of the history and different types of paper and their uses.

It’s Valentine’s week. We invite you to bring a Valentine-themed piece for show and tell. Let’s share those hearts and flowers!