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This award honours those members who have exhibited significant, long-term dedication and advancement to the art of quilting and to the Saskatoon Quilters Guild.

Nomination Process

Candidates must be an SQG member of good standing, and have been an SQG member for a minimum of 10 years.

A candidate may be nominated by five members of the Saskatoon Quilters Guild.

Nominators are asked to provide a short summary of the candidate’s accomplishments and their reasons for submission of the application.

Deadline: Submit the completed nomination form and any supporting materials to the President-elect no later than the first guild meeting in May.

There may be more than one recipient of this award in a year, but a recipient can only receive the award one time.

Previous Recipients of the Award

Barbara McNaughton (2016)

Sheilagh Basky (2014)

Alice Dzus (2013)

Zelma Hurd (2013)

Isabelle McDonald (2013)

Doris Snell (2013)

Announcement of the Award Recipient(s)

The President-elect will present a certificate of recognition to each Lifetime Achievement Award recipient at the last meeting of the membership year. (June)

The President-elect will use the information provided on each nomination form to deliver a short presentation address for each person receiving the award. Every effort will be made to equally acknowledge each recipient.

The award will be granted for the year in which it was presented. i.e. If presented in June, 2016, then the award title will be “Lifetime Achievement Award- 2016”.


The Lifetime Achievement award was established in 2012.

We sincerely encourage members to recognize and nominate those people whom they believe truly merit this award. Many of our members devote their time and energy in the pursuit of their artistry in quilting.

They help new quilters.

They share their knowledge.

They develop and explore their own creativity with an enduring passion.

They have been doing this for many years for the betterment of the quilting community.

Recognize these wonderful quilters by nominating them for the Lifetime Achievement Award.