Software Updates

I have been updating / changing website software, and I have removed some of the older posts. Please let me know if you notice something missing that should be un-deleted, or if some of the changes have made the website appear “wonky”.

  ~Denise  (website@…)

Nov 04, 2015|Categories: Website|

Instructions for Hanging Sleeves & Guild Market

Hanging Sleeves • Bags • Labels Instructions

Guild Market Price Tags

Here are the instructions for sleeves and identification labels for your quilts. The link to price tags for your Guild Market items are also included.

Oct 18, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|

Labels on Judged Quilts

If you have asked for your quilt to be judged, please insure that your name is not visible on the label(s). Cover with masking tape so that it can be removed after the judging.

Oct 07, 2015|Categories: Quilt Show|