13 Apr, 2015

April 13 Meeting Announcements

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SGEU Call for Entries—a reminder

Artists in Canada has been asked by the Saskatchewan Government employees Union (SGEU) to distribute this Call for Entries to Arts interested associations and artists. This Call for Entries is to Celebrate Saskatchewan and it’s 20,000 workers.

2 Major commissions of $10,000 each will be given out to 2 artists or artist collaborations, which will be reproduced on super billboards all across Saskatchewan.

This is a SK only call for artists. Information about the call can be found at http://www.celebratingsaskatchewan.ca

This could be an individual or a group project. We couldn’t find a deadline date for submission of the concept, but it is probably within the next month.


Quilting Commission:

A queen size Memory quilt made by Kathy Catherwood needs quilting.

It is a gift for her parents’ 60thwedding anniversary. Contact her at kathykdc45@yahoo.com


CQA request

The Children’s Wish Foundation has requested our help. They are asking for a number of Christmas stockings in various sizes that will be filled with donated items and raffled at a Ladies Night. I am asking you to ask your guilds to participate.

The stockings may be suitable for children or adults, but the items donated to fill them will be for adults, so think large for wine bottles, small for gift certificates and any sizes in between.

The stockings can be mailed by October 15, 2015 to:

Ginny Goulet

Box 128

Monarch, AB T0L 1M0


SCC Waterfront Emerging Artists Program

Applications are now open.

The Waterfront Market will be held on Saturday, June 27, 2015 in Kiwanis Park South.

The Emerging Artists program gives artists in their first 5 years of the professional career the opportunity to participate in an SCC market for a reduced booth fee, without the need to be juried.

Check out their web site


11 Apr, 2015

Supply List April 13 Guilder Goodies

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Machine Needle Turn Applique Materials List with Jean Berndt

The same demo will run two times:

9:30 am to 11:30 am

5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

We will be appliqueing an Owl onto a front of a small tote bag, or if you prefer to make a runner or pillow, the choice is yours. A pattern will be provided for the applique and the tote bag.

Supply list:

Sewing machine with Blind stitch or a Zig Zag stitch (Blind stitch preferred)

Open toe applique foot so that you can see where the needle enters the fabric

Monofilament thread

Thread for bobbin – either monofilament or a light color


Washable glue stick

Applique pressing sheet or a piece of parchment paper about 12” x 12”

Fine sharpie pen

Freezer paper – at least 20” x width of the roll.

Microtex sharp needle 60/8 up to 75/11

If you plan on cutting the tote bag at Guilders’ Goodies, bring your cutting mat, rotary cutter and rulers.


Pre-class Preparation if making the Tote Bag:

Finished size:  approx. 14 inches long & 8.5 inches wide

Matching thread

Fabric for body of bag:

42 inches x 18 inches in a colour that will allow the applique to show

pre-cut into:

one strip of 4 inches x 42 inches for handles

one rectangle of 14 inches x 32 inches ” – one piece front and back of tote

Plus applique fabric listed in next section.


Fabric for Applique:

Jean used colorful fabric for her sample.

Body and top of head were same color. At least 10 inches x 10 inches will be enough for both pieces;

Contrasting color for the wings – 6 inches x 6 inches;

White for eyes – 3 inches x 3 inches;

Yellow for beak and feet – 6 inches x 6 inches;

Head contrasting from the top of head and body – 4 inches x 6 inches;

Brown for the branch – 8 inches x 2 inches

If you wish to do the applique, only (and not the tote bag), you will need a background piece of fabric that is 12 inches x 10 inches.

26 Mar, 2015

Eileen’s Presentation Material From Monday

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Here is the link to Eileen’s presentation material from Monday:

The laptop I am using today does not have Word, so if you have trouble opening the word.doc, try the open office document. Your Word software will open it.